What happens in an emergency?

Regular dental check-ups can avoid emergencies – occasionally however emergencies do happen, that’s why we set aside an appointment every day to accommodate, and we do all we can to help our patient in the event of a dental emergency. If you need one of these appointments, please phone as early as possible.

There are also evening and weekend appointments available by calling our out of hours number – 01453 760 330

What age should children start attending the dentist?

It would benefit children if you could start bringing them along with you on your dental check-ups to familiarise them to the environment, then to book them an appointment at the age of approximately two years old.

How much will my dental care cost and how can I pay?

After your examination, your dentist will discuss the treatment needed (if any) and also the costs. You can pay either by Credit / Debit Card or Cash.
For treatment costs taking several visits, we would ask you to pay a portion of the cost at each appointment.

Private treatment costs should be discussed with your dentist. We always do whatever we can to keep the cost of your treatment as low as possible and give you the best possible value for money.

What happens if I cancel/miss and appointment?

The practice require at least 24hrs notice to cancel an appointment where possible. Failure to attend appointments could result in you no longer being offered appointments at the practice.

How do I register as an NHS patient?

Call into the practice to fill in the required medical history form or you can send us an SAE and we will send the necessary forms to you, alternatively you can complete our quick registration form on our NHS Treatment Page. After we have received your registration you will be contacted to pay £21.60 charge, this will pay for your initial check up, if the charge is not taken within 24 hours of your appointment unfortunately the appointment will be cancelled.

Please send completed forms to us including a £21.60 deposit for patients over the age of 18 who do not receive free treatments for any of the reasons stated below.

How do I qualify for free NHS treatment?

You can receive free dental treatment if any of the following are applicable to you:

    • Maternity exemption
    • Income based job seekers allowance
    • Guaranteed pensions credits
    • Income support
    • Income related employment and support allowance
    • HC 2/3 certificate
    • NHS tax credits
    • Under 18 years of ages and in full time education
    • Proof of exemption including your national insurance number will need to be shown at each visit to receive free NHS treatment